Our curriculum, and training has evolved over the past 40 years and is constantly being revised in the effort to meet the unique demands of the Automotive Industry. The one constant in our philosophy is found in our name…DealerMax.  We believe that each Company and employee are unique, no cookie cutter approach. We meet with each dealer and their leadership team to understand their strategic goals and objectives, in the effort to Design a program that generates Profit in a manner that is congruent and complimentary with the dealers objectives and selling culture.


DealerMax has the ability to support dealers of all varying size, brand, and selling philosophy. We work with single point stores, as well as mega dealer groups. We are the only F&I provider to have a fully developed and customized curriculum to support the One Price One Sales Person selling philosophy, and we work with some of the largest and most successful dealer groups working within this arena.




DealerMax offers a rich curriculum and training courses for Sales, F&I, Service, and Leadership (management training). We facilitate an intense 3 day work shop lead by our AFIP-certified DealerMax® trainers. The classes are small, focused, and hands-on. The aim is to improve performance in Sales, Leadership, Service and F&I through the Advancement of Knowledge, Improved Skill Sets and the utilization of Enhanced Sales and Management Techniques. We teach innovative and powerful techniques for creating consistent profitability, compliance, and improving the customer experience. 




Finding your Automotive F&I or Sales position through DealerMax gives you access to the lastest in sales training, carefully crafted over 40 years of success.  The Dealers that employ our products and services are committed to growing their business and investing in grooming staff.  No matter the where your career goes, we will be there to help build you into the best employee you can be.